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Administration: The Role and Duties of a School Administrator

Today, education has never been more important. The time is now to place leaders into schools districts that are passionate about children and the education they receive. School administrators embrace the extremely important role of ensuring the system is operating effectively and efficiently. Those placed in administration roles, such as a principal, dean, or head master; demonstrate a high level of excellent in every realm within education.

Common roles of administrators are to ensure all schools, teachers, counselors, are collaborating towards a common goal while improving standards and opportunities. Together, with proper leadership, school systems can meet goals set forth by school boards and foster students that are highly educated and prepared for their futures.

Administration has exciting leadership opportunities, which often play large roles in forming curriculums, goals, budgets, timelines, state regulations, mandated testing, as well as performance measures to ensure all educators are able to meet personal and professional goals. Together, administrators and faculty will carve a path to success for all.

Successful administrators form distinguished teams to support the goals and aspirations of students. With the assistance of vice principles, goals can be further achieved with greater outcome and acceptance.

Administrators often learn techniques to relate to children of all ages, of all backgrounds. Having the capability to relate to children is not only essential to administrators, but also vital to the overall success of school districts and standardized testing. School districts must regulate per guidelines set forth at local, state and federal levels. Administrators must remain active in continuing education programs, often returning to leadership programs such as a doctoral degree. A master’s degree is generally earned prior to entering an administrators role but this depends greatly on the school district and demand for administrators.

Administrators are leaders who take pride in their strategic planning, tremendous support in every sector, respect for the education system, including faculty, students, parents, and school board members. Often admin professionals are managing multiple situations at once and unlike teachers, work year round. Duties of an administrator are commonly budgets and proper allocation of funds to produce outstanding scholars to reach their highest potential.


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University of Phoenix
Online Programs:   M.A. in Education/Administration and Supervision , Doctor of Education/Educational Leadership , Master of Arts in Education/Curriculum and Instruction , more...

Liberty University
Online Programs:   MA in Education - Administration and Supervision , Educational Specialist - Educational Leadership , M.Ed. Teaching & Learning: History , more...

Walden University
Online Programs:   Doctor of Education - Administrator Leadership for Teaching & Learning , M.S.Ed - Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (Grades K-12) , Ed.S. in Educational Leadership & Administration (Principal Preparation) - General , more...

Keiser University Graduate School
Online Programs:   Career College Administration Graduate Certificate , Educational Leadership, EdS (Online) , Education, MS - Allied Health Teaching and Learning , more...

Capella University
Online Programs:   MS - Leadership in Educational Administration , EdD - Educational Leadership and Management , EdS - Leadership in Educational Administration , more...

Northcentral University
Online Programs:   International Education - Doctor of Philosophy in Education , Educational Leadership - Doctor of Education , Instructional Leadership - Doctor of Education , more...

Grand Canyon University
Online Programs:   M.Ed. in Educational Administration (Leads to initial teacher licensure) , Ed.D in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Organizational Development , M.A. in Teaching - Teacher Leadership (Does not lead to initial teacher licensure) , more...

California University of Pennsylvania
Online Programs:   Superintendent Letter of Eligibility (SLE) , Administrative Program for Principals (Certification Only) , Master of Education in School Administration- Administrative Program for Principals

Kaplan University
Online Programs:   MS in Higher Education - Educational Assessment and Evaluation , MS in Higher Education - Student Affairs , MS in Higher Education - College Administration and Leadership , more...

Concordia University Online
Online Programs:   Educational Administration (EDD) , Master Degree in Educational Leadership , M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction: Teacher Leadership , more...