Courageous, enlightened leadership is an essential element in a high performance 21st Century school. Now, more than ever, it is critical to attract and retain highly qualified, passionate, and dedicated school leaders. Research supports the profound impact that an excellent principal, working collaboratively with dedicated professional teachers, can have on student achievement in a school. Education-Colleges is designed to guide potential school personnel through a step by step process for obtaining the right skills, certification, knowledge, and experience to become a successful school leader.

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preschool teacher Pre School Teacher
If preparing a young child to become an exceptional student is appealing to you, then you might make a great preschool teacher. Learn about early childhood education and the requirements… [read more]
kindergarten teacher Kindergarten Teacher
Kindergarten teachers are a vital part to the beginning learning process of elementary education. Find out what it takes to become a Kindergarten Teacher through a step-by-step guide… [read more]
elementary teacher Elementary School Teacher
Elementary school teachers are responsible for teaching all subjects that a young student needs to learn. Find out what it takes to become an elementary school teacher or advance your knowledge of a current …[read more]
high school teacher High School Teacher
Becoming a high school teacher means accepting responsibility not only for the information shared in the classroom, but also for transitioning a young student to a young adult …. [read more]
health education Substitute Teacher
Reliable and enthusiastic substitute teachers are vital to school districts to step-up and continue the educational process in the absence of a teacher. Learn about becoming a substitute teacher… [read more]
English Teacher English Teacher
Those who find the art of words, the craft of writing and the infinite world that opens through reading compelling are ideal candidates to become English teachers. Learn about what it takes…[read more]
special education teacher Special Education Teacher
There are few populations in need of advocates and dedicated professionals to help special needs children. Become a special education teacher to help those in need of a bright future … [read more]
Tesol/esl teacher TESOL/ESL Teacher
For children who didn’t learn English first, school can be a bewildering place. An ESL teacher helps kids learn master academics while learning two languages. Think that’s right for you? … [read more]
art teacher Art Teacher
An art education gives advantage to a student by giving a varied introduction to the things that make the world interesting and unique. Learn about certification and degrees to become an art educator …[read more]
music teacher Music Teacher
If you are passionate about music, and want to ensure that kids grow up with music and all its wonders in their life, you may want to consider advancing your career as a music teacher. … [read more]
math teacher Math Teacher
If the world of numbers makes sense to you, and if showing others a perfect equation, then becoming a math teacher may be an excellent career path for you. Learn about teaching math … [read more]
history teacher History Teacher
Knowledge of history creates intellectual principles that allow students to understand philosophies, values and ethics. Find out what it takes to become a history teacher in American school systems … [read more]
business teacher Business Teacher
Teachers of business educate students of ever-expanding commerce and increasingly sophisticated consumers. Learning about the world of business is considered essential in more and more school districts and state curriculums … [read more]
IT teacher IT Teacher
If you speak the language of information and technology and want to get students ready for a cutting edge education, you might make a great IT teacher. Find out how to become an IT teacher … [read more]

Our Mission and Objectives

At Education-Colleges we promote the course of action to enlist and channel the talents and energy of teachers, staff, students, and parents toward attaining common educational goals.

In today’s rapidly changing school systems we must seek to create challenging yet productive learning environments for every child’s future. Proper education is a crucial element to a productive opportunity for educational growth. We are here to guide individuals looking to advance their career as educators. Becoming a leader in the school system can fall under a few different categories from administrators down the the teaching level; nonetheless each position is important and can make a difference in the lives of each student in the school system. At current and future educators will be provided, in a clear and concise manner, the baseline information they need to pursue a career in leading students to that next level in their life; as well as information about duties, wages, education requirements and processes for each type of career as an educator. This site is to help guide more skilled, knowledgeable, organized people into today’s education fields by providing them with the step-by-step process for gaining the right education for each state in this country. We will help you determine what credentials and education will be necessary to move on to becoming a leader, whether it be a teacher, administrator, or other position in the education field. So, whether you looking on the scholastic spectrum to become a school district superintendent to a principal down to a kindergarten teacher this site will help provide you with a guide to obtaining your goals in an informative and concise manner.

Good luck with your journey and let the learning begin.

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