Reading and Literacy Teacher Schools

Reading is the platform for education and teaching. Without reading, the ability to write and learn is extremely limited. As a reading and literacy teacher, one will work closely with students to not only improve reading levels, but also provide support throughout grades to ensure learning is consistently on track. Reading and literacy educators understand languages on multiple levels, often having the ability to reach students with their ability to break down language beyond sound and sight. Reading teachers understand the many forms to one language. For instance, an adult student may have grown accustomed to using slang rather than grammar correct words throughout childhood. As a reading teacher in this situation, it is vital to not only know the correct usage but the slang as well. Reading and literacy teachers are used in public schools K-12, private schools, nonprofits, and adult learning programs.

Those who wish to embark on an exciting journey as a reading and literacy teacher, a bachelor’s degree in language and state licensing is the first step. As more states require a master’s degree to teach, it is common for a teacher to earn an advanced degree. Entering roles such as administration or leadership positions can be a great avenue for a teacher who wishes to utilize their experience and skills in a different educational setting. A doctoral (PhD) degree is generally needed for higher leadership roles.

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