The Role and Duties of an Academic Deans

Educational administrators that are the heads of colleges and universities are considered academic deans. The Academic Dean provides the overall vision and directions that a school has and implements whatever policy is required to keep that vision standardized and in cohesion with the board of directors of the university. They are there to represent everything that a college or university stand for and deliver the overall mission of the school they are associated with.

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In the majority of cases Academic deans work under the president of the university or answer to the provost. They appoint the heads of the faculty and departments heads in order to make sure that a consistent educational opportunity is provided that is in cohesion with the staff and overall vision of the university and the university administration.

Academic deans work closely with the university or colleges budget. They determine how much funding will be necessary to keep the staff and departments running smoothly. The policies and procedures of each school is dependent on the dean to make the budget up so that proper funding is allocated to the right departments and the school is developing technologies to stay progressive and up to date with current educational opportunity.

Most Academic Deans will find themselves in charge of teaching one class each semester within the university that they are associated with. This gives them a chance to really work with the students within the university and keep them grounded hearing the voice of where they are functioning best and what areas within the university they may seek to improve. What policies they have put into place that are working and what policies have failed to deliver the overall voice of the university.

Most Academic Deans are selected through tenure. Which means most of the time they have paid there dues with a certain college or university and have moved up to assume the role. They often times have a very passionate approach to the scholastic environment that they are associated with and look to provide the best opportunity that they see fit for the University that they are associated with.