Assistant Superintendent: Find Programs and Information

Assistant superintendents work closely with the superintendent to carry out executive level leadership responsibilities and duties as assigned within a school district. There are no specific requirements for an assistant superintendent, however, often the individual who is selected for this position, is expected by the local superintendent to have been a principal, to have a Masters Degree, and to have completed or be enrolled in a superintendent preparation program and possess or be pursuing a superintendent’s certificate or credential.

Demonstrated leadership qualities, administrative skills, and team building skills are important qualities for an assistant superintendent. Human relations are a large portion of the role and working well with others and serving as a liaison between students, staff and teachers is crucial to being highly successful. Experience in school leadership, employee evaluation, negotiations, teaching and learning, finance, strategic planning, and school construction management can be helpful in this position depending upon the challenges being faced by the employing school district.

An assistant superintendent should have very strong leadership qualities and be a very good interpersonal communicator. These skills are essential because an assistant superintendent works with administrators and often supervises their performance in areas of their responsibility to include teacher and staff performance. The assistant superintendent works cooperatively to help implement the adopted curriculum and insure that their students achieve desired academic skills and pass the state and local standardized tests.

The average assistant superintendent can expect to make somewhere between approximately $70,000 and $150,000 depending on the size, demographic make-up, and location of the school district. The position of assistant superintendent is an excellent opportunity for someone who posses leadership qualities and great communication skills. With administrative positions in demand and a need for key leaders to step in to these roles, due to baby boomer retirements, there has never been a better time for an aspiring administrator to get a masters degree, superintendent’s credentials, and the experience necessary to become an assistant superintendent.