Athletic Director

Athletic programs in many school districts are supervised and directed by a school district athletic director. A director oversees the scheduling of athletic competitions and the training of coaches to provide the best athletic experiences for the students in the school district.

The athletic director insures that coaches within the district comply with local school district policies and procedures. Athletic directors keep informed about team- related decisions that need to be made. For instance hiring coaches for teams, monitoring player selection, and arranging practice schedules and use of district facilities are all responsibilities of athletic directors.

Athletic directors frequently come to their position from a background as a teacher and coach. Directors must work to make sure that all the sports and departments have the proper funding and equipment for each team and sport being offered. Balancing this important budget for the school district’s athletic departments is important responsibility of the athletic director and allocating the proper funds for each sport takes a lot of time and planning.

One area that athletic directors supervise involves the way that rules and regulations for each sport change and are updated. Athletic directors typically enjoy working closely with athletes and coaches to help them reach their greatest potential. The work they do behind the scenes has a huge impact on how coaches and teams work together to succeed in their sports. If a person really enjoys sports and athletics and also has an interest in organization and management, a career as an athletic director may be the right match for them. The position of athletic director can be a very exciting, fun, and rewarding profession. Being a leader of these programs has never been more important than it is today.