Facilities Supervisor

The Facilities Supervisor holds the position within the school district that oversees and maintains operation of all buildings and complexes within the school district. Each building within the district is a vital asset providing the space and tools necessary for the district to provide the best educational opportunity possible to each student it teaches. Overseeing and maintaining these facilities is essential to creating a cohesive productive educational environment.

Most importantly the facilities supervisor must make sure that all facilities within the district are being repaired, cleaned, maintained, remodeled and overall upkeep is getting taken care of on a day-to-day basis. Determining the importance of each maintenance job and when it will get taken care of is an important task to be carried out by the facilities supervisor. Its essential to coordinate with cleaning work schedules to include workweeks for the school district, support for educational programs and contractor support as well. The Facilities supervisor will need to produce and develop report cards. Each of the buildings in the district report card will tell the administration what needs the facilities will have and when the issues will be addressed within the district. Each issue can then be categorized by the importance and volatility of the issue at hand thus producing a result of when issues will be taken care of and what order.

Facilities supervisors will also be in charge of a vast amount of record keeping. Maintain training records that are required by the PESH. Scheduling proper asbestos testing, pesticide recording and annual fire code and testing is also important. Along with these records maintaining an operational budget as well as completing all the important structural and visual inspections that are necessary for all facilities within the district.

If you see yourself as an organized person that loves being in charge and does well with management roles the facilities supervisor could be right for you. This hands on, do it yourself, type of career is great for anyone with a background in management and a fix it yourself attitude. As school districts continue to grow in population there is a greater need to upgrade and develop the facilities within each district. Facilities Supervisors is responsible for the daily operation and coordination of the maintenance and cleaning of school district facilities and grounds in order to provide clean, safe, efficient, environmentally healthy, and structurally sound facilities that offer students and staff the best possible atmosphere.