Food Services Director

The position within the school district that is responsible for planning, directing and coordinating activities within the district or department that services the food and beverages is the Food Service Director. The Food Services Director will see to it that all the food and beverages within the district are served, and prepared properly as well as delivered to the student body and staff in a organized and strategically scheduled manner.

Other essential duties of the Food Services Director are to test cook some of the meals and determine and investigate food quality, service to the faculty and accommodations within the district. Making sure that all the food and beverages are delivered on time and each student and faculty receives equal opportunity to the food and beverage. In addition making sure that the quantities and qualities of the foods that are being consumed within the district is being monitored so that all the needs of the district are being met and limiting what foods and beverages go to waste.

Making sure that the school district is also working in compliance with all health, and fire regulations regarding the way the food is prepared, served, and the building maintenance is being taken care of within the facilities on all facets of campus for food services. Making sure that your keeping on top of government agencies requirements as well for, sanitation, and food subsidies is also a crucial duty to be performed by the Food Services Director.

Keeping solid records as the Food Service Director is important because it is crucial to determine what is popular and what is unpopular in the food provided to make sure that the food service remains profitable and functioning. Also maintaining the equipment used in food preparation and making sure that all sides of the food service department are running smoothly and efficiently to provide the best service to the district and the students.

To become a food services director you will need a Bachelor of Food and Service Management degree. If you are culinary inclined and love cooking but really love management responsibilities than a job as a Food Service Director could be just right for you. Upon receiving your degree in Food Service Management graduates will be qualified for a number of diverse level jobs in the food service world. The bulk of the education that your will study will be in the fields of nutrition, sanitation, food planning and preparation as well as management roles.