The Roles and Duties of a Private School Teacher

There are a lot of positives to working in the private school sector as a teacher. The draw often times is the flexible curriculum as well as the ability to develop there own teaching styles not focusing on making sure that the students are getting prepared for the states standardized testing. Also private school teacher can expect smaller classroom sizes and minimal discipline issues.

Teacher safety is a big draw to the private schools because of the low number of incidents. Private schools are normally governed by there own laws and the student and parent relationship is usually written out before acceptance to help discourage any student incidents creating a low number of disciplinary incidents.

In Private schools teachers will feel that their voice is heard a bit more when it comes to the curriculum. They can build their lesson plans and implement technology into their lesson plans without thinking about state standardized testing. This educational freedom is a draw to teachers because some can feel confined by the state and local standardizations.

Teaching in the private school sector requires a bachelor’s degree from a university. Often time’s degrees in specific subject matters are accepted over education based degrees. Its often a common thought that private schools do not require teacher certification and this is a false perception.

In most private schools cases the US Department of Education keeps on file an updated resource of what state and local regulations are in the private school sector. Along with the state certification there might be specific teaching certifications for religion based schools as well so each school will have a different overall screening program.

It is never a bad time to search for a job in the private school sector. Private school teachers have the ability to really take control of their learning environments and get to make a lot of curriculum-based decisions. Without the confines of state and local standardized testing, teachers in private schools can step out of the box and make an extremely productive scholastic environment.