Special Education and Teaching Schools

Caring, compassionate, accepting, kind, patient, and educated are those who desire to work as a special education teacher. Teachers who work in special education understand the diversity in their students and encourage individuality differences to be positive and beneficial for everyone. The ranges of disabilities a special education teacher will work with vary. What does not vary is the time and dedication each teacher has with each child. Often special education teachers work with children from all ages, but commonly preschool, elementary and middle school students. As a special education teacher, one will work with several learning disabilities such as speech development, mental retardation, autism, and hearing and vision disabilities. Identifying and creating a course of action for children with disabilities at a young age is an essential part of a special education teacher. One thing is certain; someone seeking a degree in special education genuinely cares for people and who they are as individuals.

Special education teachers work in array of settings. Some work in a classroom, have their own classroom, and some work within a classroom to aid in general education of students with minor learning disabilities. Regardless of where a special education teacher works, they always work in conjunction with the teacher. In home settings, a special education teacher is not only there to assist the child but educating the parents on activities and know how’s to further encourage healthy development of the infant or child.

Those who seek to earn a degree in special education begin by earning a bachelor’s degree. Most students further their education by earning advanced degrees, such as a master’s degree or doctoral degree (PhD). By completing an advanced degree, one is placing them to earn higher salaries, career advancement opportunities, and roles in administration. All states require teachers to obtain licensure and at least a bachelor’s degree.

As there are many paths available for one pursuing a degree in special education and teaching, it is best to contact several schools in order to learn what degree programs they offer that are designed to fit any lifestyle or work schedule. Begin learning what it takes to become a special education teacher and start transforming the lives of children today!