Transportation Director / Supervisor

In a school district the person in charge of routing all school buses, supervising all the bus drivers, and keeping all the school district buses maintained is the transportation director. The main focus and task of the transportation director is to supervise the day-to-day operations of the school bus system, and make sure that they are optimizing the transportation system, in order to help students get to and from school in a timely, orderly, and efficient manner.

Sometimes bus routes need to be adjusted to better meet student needs and many driver contracts allow for the bidding for routes by seniority. The transportation director oversees bus routing, driver assignments, regular and special transportation services and field trips that are desired within the district.

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The transportation director arranges periodic driver safety meetings for all the bus drivers. The director is responsible for bus system inspections and for making sure district school buses are in compliance with state inspection requirements. Accident and incident reports are also the responsibility of the transportations director.

Transportation directors are in charge of creating a district map, complete with working descriptions of important routes, pick up and drop off points, as well as geo-coded lay-outs of where students will need to be picked up.
The transportation director must be able to communicate well with district administrators, staff, union representatives, parents and staff to implement procedures and help develop cohesive plans to meet the district’s transportation needs.

Providing proper leadership for the school district’s transportation department is essential in order to facilitate the district’s efficient operation. Getting the students to and from school is essential for the district to run properly. Transportation directors are important members of the administrative team of a contemporary school district. When directors provide quality leadership, a local school transportation system insures that students get to and from school and important activities safely and efficiently.

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