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Becoming a teacher in Washington state overview…

First and foremost, you’re here because you strive for excellence and care about our future. Whether in Seattle, Spokane or Vancouver, earning your bachelors of arts in teaching provides you with an everlasting profession of molding young minds into our future leaders. History proves itself true for the state of Washington, a state of perseverance and longevity. Seeking to be seen and heard. The teachers of Washington are no different. With this enthusiasm and mindset, you create a culture of youth that embodies this vision as well.


Joining the teaching industry In Washington…

Deciding on what discipline to teach is one of the first steps in becoming a teacher in the State of Washington. In order to teach in the State of Washington one must posses a Bachelors degree along with a teacher certification from a state approved program and pass the WEST-B exam (2). It is important to remember that once the above is complete, ongoing education and credits is mandatory to teach in the State of Washington.

You decide the level of teaching. If you are seeking to complete your bachelor’s degree or furthering your teaching career by obtaining a master degree in Education. Either path will further your quest to becoming a Washington State teacher and a part of the dynamic team shaping the young minds in the state of Washington.

There are several benefits of being a teacher in Washington. Imagine fifteen weeks of vacation throughout the school year along with excellent benefits and pension plans. Becoming a teacher in the state of Washington also has incentives to help promote teaching in subject areas that are lacking teachers or teaching in geographic areas that lack teachers all together.

The Next Steps and the Journey Ahead to Become a Teacher in Washington…

Deciding on the next step depends on the level of commitment one can take on. Life demands vary and fortunately so do school options. From online classes to campus learning, there is something for you. Researching schools is the best way to gain knowledge surrounding the program of your interest as well as prerequisite requirements and completion timelines. Below are schools that will be there to educate you along the way while providing you informative answers.

In the state of Washington, there are several resources. There are also financial aid options for people needing assistance. Living in the state of Washington proves to not only be a wonderful place to teach, but a wonderful place to live. The time to teach in the State of Washington is now. Start by researching and learning what top schools below has to offer you.