Becoming a Substitute Teacher in Connecticut, CT

With 574,000 students and 1,271 public schools, Connecticut is currently hiring new teachers and substitutes to keep up with a growing state population. Becoming a substitute affords you many unique opportunities, including flexible work schedules as well as the opportunity to work in a school environment without meeting all of the necessary qualifications of becoming a full time teacher. Many current full time teachers were once substitutes, and greatly value the position as it allowed them to get a feel for what it’s like to be a teacher. Being a substitute does require you to be very flexible, as there may be periods of time without work and then suddenly the need for you to fill a position for 3 weeks. Many people value this as it allows you to work on the side or simply have more time for yourself.

Required Training, Qualifications, and Education

In becoming a substitute teacher in Connecticut, a Bachelor’s Degree is required. However, there is the opportunity to waive the Bachelor’s Degree requirement with a background check and previous experience with children. Check with the school district you wish to apply in for more information on waving the bachelor’s degree. For all substitute positions a background check and fingerprinting is required, and some districts require some basic health checks and vaccinations.

Licensure and Certification

The following stipulations are required for submitting a substitute teacher application-

  • Submit the Substitute Application through a local school system
  • Include any official transcripts, references, or other relevant material
  • Include required Application fee/s
  • Include experience with children if looking to waive Bachelor’s Degree necessity

Job Availability and Career Expectations For Substitutes

Connecticut is one of the states that requires a Bachelor’s Degree to become a substitute, however this requirement can be waved upon background check and previous experience with children. As such, this makes the position fairly popular among people looking to potentially become a full time salaried teacher, however this doesn’t mean positions aren’t available. Continued population growth has required school districts to higher more teachers, and more teachers inherently requires more substitutes to fill the time teachers take off. Substituting is a great addition to any resume for any future career you may wish to pursue, especially if looking to become a full time salaried teacher at some point as it shows you have valuable experience in a classroom many do not have.

Salary Expectation

The average salary of substitute teachers in Colorado is approximately $31,000 a year (according to, which is about 12% lower then the national average. This number can vary greatly as most substitute’s income depends on experience, qualifications, and district. Also, since substituting can have gaps in employment, many subs find it easy to work and make money on the side, or use time of to complete schooling towards a 4 year degree or something related.