Becoming a Substitute Teacher in Hawaii, HI

Hawaii, a state with a student population of 183,609 and 284 public schools has one of the most unique school districts in the nation because of the fact it is the only one with a unified school district, meaning only one Board of Education. Teachers and substitutes in Hawaii find this beneficial as in most every other state different districts can require different standards from their teachers. This makes substituting particularly easy in Hawaii as there is a broad range of districts you can lend your skills out to without having to meet different qualifications. In becoming a substitute it is important to understand the need for a flexible schedule, has there can be gaps in jobs and then one 3 week straight position. Many people find this beneficial as they have more spare time on their hands to do what they want with.

Required Training, Qualifications, and Education

Hawaii is a state that does require a Bachelor’s Degree in order to become a substitute. After completing a Bachelor’s, there is also a 12 hour course through the Board of Education that is required to take and pass. You must then go in for fingerprinting and have state and federal background checks completed. Hawaii also requires its prospective subs to go in and interview with at least one Principal or Vice Principal prior to hiring.

Licensure and Certification

The following stipulations are required for submitting a substitute teacher application for a 5 year permit-

  • Submit the Substitute Application through a local school system
  • Include any official transcripts, references, or other relevant material
  • Include required Application fee/s

Career Expectations For Substitutes in Hawaii

The educational system is constantly expanding as our population grows, more students means the need for more teachers in order to maintain acceptable student-teacher ratios. Everyone was hit pretty hard by the recession, however teachers faired better then most. As the economy begins to turn around, the states have been able to continue expanding their educational systems, which makes now a great time to look into a job in the field of education. Becoming a substitute has many great advantages besides salary, including the flexible schedule allowing you to pursue further education, work on the side, or simply have more free time for yourself. Another huge advantage to becoming a sub is that it allows you to really try out the position of becoming a teacher without committing to a full time salaried position. Being a sub also looks fantastic on any job application, especially when looking to continue in the educational field as it shows you have experience many others do not have when looking to move to a full time position.

Salary Expectation

The average salary of substitute teachers in Hawaii is approximately $22,000 a year (according to, which is about 24% lower then the national average. It is important to keep in mind your actual salary may vary as substitutes are payed according to district, experience, and certification. Additionally, many substitutes find it possible to work on the side to supplement income or continue education. In any case, compared with many jobs that don’t require a Bachelor’s Degree, substitute teachers make a good salary.