Becoming a Substitute Teacher in Iowa, IA

Ranking 30th in population with 1,512 public schools and 481,000 public students, Iowa is expanding its school districts. More teachers means more subs so now is a great time to look into becoming a Substitute Teacher. Many states do not require a Bachelor’s Degree to become a sub which is great because it allows you to get a taste for the field before jumping in head first with a 4 year degree. Along with being a Substitute comes the understanding that your work schedule will be flexible, which many people enjoy as it allows them to accomplish other things with their time such as furthering education or working another job.

Required Training, Qualifications, and Education

Iowa is one of the few states that does require a Bachelor’s Degree in order to become a substitute teacher, so t his is important to keep in mind when thinking about applying. In addition to this you must complete a teacher preparation program as well as go in for state fingerprinting and state and federal background checks. Some districts may have other requirements so make sure to check before applying.

Licensure and Certification

The following situations are required for a 5-year substitute teacher license–

  • Submit the Substitute Application through a local school system
  • Include any official transcripts, references, or other relevant material
  • Include required Application fee/s
  • Must reapply for certificate every four years

Career Expectations For Substitutes in Iowa

Coming out of the recession has allowed Iowa to continue expanding its educational system to cope with a growing state population. Becoming a substitute carries many unique advantages, many enjoy the open work schedule and use it to take advantage of other work opportunities as well as continuing education. The recession proved the educational system to be relatively stable as teachers faired better then most throughout the downturn. Along with the many other benefits of becoming a sub is the favorable boost it gives to your resume, even if you’re not looking to move into a full time teaching position. Although a Bachelor’s Degree is still required to become a Substitute Teacher, this position gives you a lot more flexibility then becoming a Full Time teacher, allowing you to test the waters before you make your final decision. Regardless of whether you wish to pursue a full time career as a teacher or not, substitute teaching looks great on any resume showing you have valuable skill sets that translate to almost any field of work.

Salary Expectation

Currently, the average salary for a Substitute Teacher in Iowa is approximately $28,000 a year (according to is about 4% lower than the national average. This number can vary greatly due to the fact that actual pay is greatly dependent upon variables like district, experience, and qualifications. Additional income can be gained during times when you are not substitute teaching through things like test proctoring as well as tutoring.