Becoming a teacher in Massachusetts overview…

A state rich in history and the evolution of America, Massachusetts was and continues to be a leader in every sector of establishing a solid foundation both within and outside the state. Dating back to the colonial period, Massachusetts understood the great importance of establishing an education system. One of the first and monumental steps was the Massachusetts School Laws. These laws were set into motion in the mid 1600’s, which later progressed into America’s public education system. Massachusetts is home to the oldest elementary, high school and private university, Harvard University, in America. Becoming a teacher in a state that prides themselves off of actual results, high graduation rates, excellent student test scores and home to a leading number of fortune 500 companies, the opportunities are endless. If history proves itself, becoming a teacher in Massachusetts has always been a great decision.

Joining the teaching industry In Massachusetts…

Earning a bachelor’s degree in teaching or advancing a career with a master’s degree in education within the state of Massachusetts, one thing is certain. As a teacher one will work with innovative, talented and motivated individuals. Following the natural progression into a high-tech and service focused industry, the importance of education continues to grow. With growth come jobs and opportunities for teachers within the state of Massachusetts. Requirements, timelines and prerequisites change, therefore it is essential to contact the schools below prior to deciding on the path to completion.

Additionally, teachers and educators in Massachusetts are rewarded up to fifteen weeks of vacation per calendar year, outstanding benefits and 401K programs.

The Next Steps and the Journey Ahead…

By contacting the schools below, the bulk of time and energy saved can be focused on planning the appropriate path. Since there are several options, the path can be determined by the school and prospective student. Schools today often have multiple avenues to ensure the student’s goals and objectives are met. Below are key requirements to becoming a teacher in Massachusetts.

  • All states require earning a bachelor’s degree. The state of Massachusetts does require additional course work and hours based on the area sought to teach.
  • Massachusetts accepts teaching credentials from other states. Thus, checking with the department of education within the State of Massachusetts on exact credentials is recommended.
  • Completion of the state approved preparation program.
  • Complete the MTEL test.
  • Lastly, research and contact multiple schools to learn what programs and certifications they offer.

Beginning the path to becoming a teacher in Massachusetts’s starts by contacting the schools below. While maintaining the overall objective of becoming a teacher, the process should be fun and adventurous, just like teaching! In addition, schools also offer advanced degree programs in education for those who already hold a bachelor’s degree. Join history in the making and become a teacher in Massachusetts today!