Earning a Master’s Degree in Education: Oregon (OR)

Earning a master’s degree of education will propel the Oregonian teacher in all the right directions. Oregon values education and can be seen through growing teacher salaries and public involvement. As more states require a master’s degree of education prior to receiving a teaching certificate, it is a vital step in the right direction. Stay ahead of the curve and earn an advanced degree in education today! Begin by researching the highly sought after, accredited schools below to begin mapping out dreams into a reality today!

Professional and Personal growth:

On both personal and professional levels, a master’s degree of education will propel current and future educators. An advanced degree is more than a title; it showcases drive, passion, and dedication to the overall educational philosophy of ongoing education. Along with the above, a teacher in Oregon will receive increased salaries, leadership positions in and out of the classroom, as well as career moves within education such as teaching to administration. Be the leader Oregon children deserve; earn a master’s degree in education!