Becoming a teacher in South Carolina overview…

Warm weather, ocean breezes and an increasing population makes teaching in South Carolina a win-win. With rich history presenting in multiple forms, South Carolina is a history or arts majors dream. With the ocean being in close proximity, South Carolina’s marine biology is a fundamental area of study, as well as the colonial architecture. South Carolina needs teachers who are driven with persistence and crave the responsibility it takes to transform the current teaching methodologies. With this comes substantial room for growth within the educational environment. Belong to the frontier of the modern day teacher in South Carolina today!

Joining the teaching industry In South Carolina…

Developing into well-qualified teacher in South Carolina starts by understanding the overall process. An individual who instills passion and determination will help foster a new passion for teachers within South Carolina. With this reform career advancement and opportunities arise. Because the educational backdrop is commonly competitive, earning a master’s degree or PhD is highly recommended.

South Carolina provides loan forgiveness to teachers interested in areas that lack either teachers or subject areas. This is a great opportunity to educate students who are as equally eager to learn, while receiving assistance for school loans. It is recommended when contacting the schools below, to search these subject areas prior to beginning a program.

Along with above average pay, a teacher in South Carolina can enjoy up to fifteen weeks of vacation per calendar year, outstanding benefits and 401K programs. Depending on the goals and desires of a teacher in South Carolina, this time can be used to further education through additional teaching certificates or by earning a master’s degree. A master’s degree is an excellent way to excel in numerous areas within the education realm on both personal and professional levels.

The Next Steps and the Journey Ahead to Become a Teacher in South Carolina…

While maintaining the overall goal of obtaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree in teaching, the road one takes is adventurous and gratifying, much like teaching. The modern day student can enjoy the benefits of completing a bachelor’s degree online or current teachers can take advantage of online master degree programs. Outlined below are steps to help make informative and educated decisions while preparing to becoming a teacher in South Carolina. At the same time, it is vital to research and contact as many schools as possible. This will ensure all credit hours and requirements are explained prior to beginning the program.

  • All states require earning a bachelor’s degree. The state of South Carolina does not require additional course work or credit hours.
  • South Carolina generally accepts teaching credentials from other states. It is recommended to check with the department of education within the State of South Carolina on exact credentials is recommended. Contacting the schools below may also complete this step.
  • Completing the state approved preparation program.
  • Complete PPST (pre professional skills test) Praxis II (subject test in specific subject area) as well as the Praxis II PLT (principles of learning and teaching) exams.
  • Lastly, but equally significant as the steps above, research and contact multiple schools to learn what programs and certificates they offer in these programs. Learn the steps involved in earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree in South Carolina while utilizing their resources for your future education program!

Along with modern advances in both technology and education importance, earning a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, administration, or a teacher’s certification, is highly attainable, even in rural areas. The schools below offer several options to become a teacher while focusing on the overall experience and convenience. These schools also offer advanced degree programs, such as a master’s degree in education, for those who already hold a bachelor’s degree. A teacher in South Carolina understands by fusing passion with dedication, new generations of leaders are born. Begin the exciting adventure in becoming a teacher in South Carolina today!