Becoming a teacher in Tennessee overview…

Rich and diverse history, fortune 500 companies, along with a thriving educational system makes Tennessee a place to call home to a diverse following. Due to subject shortage areas ranging from foreign languages to math and science, Teach Tennessee was created to bring professionals into the classroom. With this initiative come outstanding teaching opportunities for people seeking to change career paths who do not necessarily have a degree in education. Tennessee’s education department is growing for anyone who desires being apart of the highly rewarding career as a teacher in Tennessee. The future awaits, begin searching for a dynamic career today!

Joining the teaching industry In Tennessee…

If starting or advancing a career as a teacher in Tennessee, there is a path for everyone. By earning a bachelor’s degree one is immersing themselves with modern day technology and educational standards. If an advanced degree is being pursued, one will be refreshed on current trends and networking; two key components in moving forward in an educational career on both personal and professional levels.

Tennessee provides incentives to teach in both high need schools and subject shortage areas. Teaching within these areas is an excellent way to gain immeasurable experience, while educating students who are equally as enthusiastic.

Just when one thought teaching in Tennessee sounded too good to be true, educators in Tennessee are given up to fifteen weeks of vacation per calendar year, outstanding benefits and 401K programs. Depending on the goals and desires of a teacher in Tennessee, this period can be used to further education through additional educational programs or by earning a master’s degree. A master’s degree is an excellent way to gain additional skills and tools needed to continue working towards a career step, on both personal and professional levels.

The Next Steps and the Journey Ahead to Become a Teacher in Tennessee…

Determining the specific subject of interest to teach and contacting schools to learn how their programs can provide an outstanding educational experience is the next step. Depending on what degree is sought – bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or a teachers certificate in teaching – the path can be tailored to fit the demands of the prospective teacher. The path should be demanding yet gratifying, much like teaching. Fortunately, future educators have the convenience of technology and are able to earn a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, regardless of proximity to campuses or schedule conflicts. Begin the exciting journey towards a career as a teacher in Tennessee today by!

Below is a brief, yet informative, overview designed to both educate and assist in critical decisions to becoming a teacher in Tennessee. It is important to remember the overall outcome in this step: to research and contact as many schools as possible. Doing so will ensure all credit hours and requirements are outlined prior to starting a program.

  • All states require earning a bachelor’s degree. The state of Tennessee does not require additional course work or credit hours.
  • Tennessee does accept teaching credentials from other states. It is recommended to check with the department of education within the State of Tennessee on exact credentials is recommended. Contacting the schools below will also complete this step.
  • Completing the state approved preparation program.
  • Complete the appropriate Praxis II exams (these vary per subject) as well as the PPST (Pre Professional Skills Test).
  • Finally, reaching out to schools and gathering information to learn what programs and certificates they offer in these programs. Learn the steps involved in earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Tennessee while utilizing their resources for your future teaching program!

Becoming a teacher or working in administration within Tennessee will be a career filled with continued gratification and recognition of excellence. Degrees vary in order for everyone to achieve personal goals – bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, degree in administration, or a teacher’s certification – are a few of the most common degrees earned. The schools below offer several schedules tailored to fit individual needs and goals. More than ever, educators are seeking advanced degrees. Teachers in Tennessee that currently have a bachelor’s degree may consider pursuing an advanced degree, such as a master’s degree in education. Regardless where one is along the path, beginning the rewarding journey to becoming a teacher in Tennessee, advancing a career, or changing a career path, the path to success begins here. The future begins now. Become a teacher in Tennessee today! Ready. Set. Learn!