Texas Teacher Certification:

Standard Teaching Certificate:

For those interested teaching in Texas the first step is a Standard Teaching Certificate. To earn a standard certificate, a first-time applicant generally must meet five basic requirements. They are:

  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree at a regionally-accredited university or college
  • Completion of a state-approved Educator Preparation Program
  • Passing scores on the appropriate teacher certification exams, specific for the subject and grade level the candidate wishes to teach
  • Submission of a State Application
  • Fingerprints for a national criminal background check

Educator Preparation Programs:

The most important part of the standard certification process is the Educator Preparation Program. These are usually completed at the college or university the candidate is attending, but candidates who already hold a bachelor’s can take an Alternative Certification Program.

During the Educator Preparation Program, the candidate must first decide on what specific grade levels and subject areas they would like to teach, as this will determine the path of the program and the certification exams they will need to take. It will also determine specific coursework and the student teaching or internship that the candidate must complete.

Adding Additional Certifications:

After a candidate has earned their standard teaching certificate, they may add additional classroom certification areas by completing the appropriate certificate exams for the desired subject.

Standard Teaching Certificate Renewal:

  • Successfully complete a criminal history review via submitting fingerprints
  • Not be default on a student loan or in arrears of child support
  • Meet the appropriate number of Continuing Professional Education clock hours, which are:
  • 150 clock hours for classroom teachers and 200 clock hours for educators who hold professional certificates
  • Pay the renewal fee