Becoming a Substitute Teacher in South Dakota, SD

Substitute teaching is a great way to start out in the educational system, providing many benefits not offered to full-time salaried teachers. Substitutes must have a flexible schedule, however this allows for free time to do things like continue education, work a part time job, or simply relax on days off. It is important to understand that you can be needed at very short notice, so open availability is certainly recommended. Potential full-time teachers should seriously consider substitute teaching as it allows the opportunity to get a feel for the educational field before committing completely. Another bonus to substitute teaching is that most states do not require a Bachelors Degree, so it is possible to substitute teach while completing a 4 year degree. Current economic factors have allowed South Dakota along with the rest of the nation to continue expanding its educational system. With 765 public schools and 125,000 public students, South Dakota has been hiring new teachers and substitutes making a position as one an attractive opportunity.

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Required Training, Qualifications, and Education

Bachelor Degree requirement in South Dakota varies by district so make sure to check with local schools and districts to meet any necessary requirements. In all cases it is also required to submit to state and federal fingerprinting and background checks. Some districts may have other requirements so make sure to check before applying.

Licensure and Certification

The following situations are required for a substitute teacher license-

  • Submit the Substitute Application through a local school system
  • Include any official transcripts, references, or other relevant material
  • Include required Application fee/s
  • Meet any additional state requirements

Career Expectations For Substitutes in South Dakota

South Dakota varies by district on whether Bachelors Degree is required or not, but regardless there are many strong reasons to become a substitute teacher. Due to the high consideration individuals with teaching experience are given, having substitute work on a resume can greatly distinguish you from others when looking to transition to a full-time salaried position sometime down the road. Job security is fortified by consistently growing state and national populations, driving demand for more educators to keep up with larger student populations. The flexible schedule of a substitute teachers allows for continuing of education in pursuit of a more advanced degree, providing good income while still in school or working another job. Regardless of whether you wish to become a full-time salaried teacher or not, substitute teaching looks great on any resume as it shows you have numerous valuable skill sets including good information communication as well as organizational and personal communication strengths.

Salary Expectation

Currently, the average salary for a Substitute Teacher in South Dakota is approximately $26,000 a year (according to which is about 11% lower then the national average. It is important to consider the fact that this number can vary greatly, due to the fact that actual pay is dependent upon district, experience, and education. Additional income can be gained through other part time work when you are not substitute teaching.